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Personal Profile

I’m a fifth-generation Kiwi and am proud to call myself a New Zealander. I was born in Hawera, and spent most of my teenage years in New Plymouth. My wife and I met in Taranaki and we love taking our children back to the region to visit family and enjoy the outdoors.

I worked part-time during my years of tertiary study and threw myself into the workforce on my degree’s completion.  To satisfy my passion for politics while at university, I became the Student Association President at Massey University in Albany.  During University I also started my business and ran that part-time for several years before taking it full time in 2008.

Vanessa and I married in Auckland in 2001 and lived there until 2009. Then we moved to Wellington, and made a home for ourselves.  Our two eldest children attend the local kindy and school, within walking distance of our home. We’re involved in our Wellington church and have great friends across the city.

I’ve spent many years living in other parts of New Zealand, seeing and experiencing different communities. That, along with travelling overseas, has built my love for our country and given me a real appreciation for its people, uniqueness, and diversity.

I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, some of my favourite past-times being rock climbing,mountain-biking, and hunting.  I make a point of enjoying the roads that connect New Zealand, too, because I’m a keen motorcyclist and love a sunny day in the Wairarapa with other friends on two wheels.

I collaborate and engage with people to discover what really matters. I’m not afraid to take risks and make hard decisions when that’s what is required; to stand up for what is right, not just what seems best right now.

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